Redder, Balkbrug, Netherlands 2007

… They are milked twice a day, 365 days a year. Not even a half day can be omitted! …

… Hoof and mouth disease is an illness that can easily be prevented with a vaccination shot. But it is hard on dairy cattle owners, and for pig breeders as well, when it breaks out … we are powerless; the disease spreads and we are not allowed to vaccinate.

… That is hard for the individual farmer to bear. It makes us afraid. Ultimately, the cows we have today were bred by my grandfather.  It would be emotionally very difficult for us if we had to kill our livestock because of hoof and mouth disease. It represents the work of a lifetime of breeding comprising 35 years and more. That is a part of your life. So this is a call to the politicians to think again about whether vaccinations should be permitted again, albeit within the animal protection framework.